Package Roof Top Units

Units produced for external supply from 5 tons to 60 tons serial cooling. The serial includes a range of flexible fully manufactured units according to requirements such as especially hot external conditions, systems combining water coils, withstanding corrosive conditions, mobile units and more. The unit includes heating by heat pumps, an electric heating element or integrated.

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Air Handling Units

This series of units runs on cold or hot water for high flow rates sector with horizontal and vertical configurations and full versatility for coils, blowers, filters, and full flexibility in meeting planners’ requirements.

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Water Source Units

WS Units for Direct Circulation in Water Condensation – A wide range of units manufactured with electric heating elements and an option for heating with a heat pump. The series includes models produced with an inclusive package and split production with water evaporators, low and horizontal, for luxury high-rise apartment buildings, shopping centers, and office buildings adapted to the project’s technical specifications.

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Split Direct Expansion Units

a series of pioneering products that the company has manufactured since it was established, in a range of models. The series handles fresh air, air-conditioning computer and server rooms, cooling waste rooms for institutions, wine cellars, corrosive environmental conditions, hot external conditions, and other uses.

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Light Air Handling Units & Fan Coils

Air Handling Units in Light Packages. Fan Coils. – Wide range of units in horizontal and vertical packages and various shapes and dimensions. Units have been supplied to hundreds of projects in the residential, industrial, and commercial sectors and office high-rises.

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