Light Air Handling Units & Fan Coils

EW/FC - Light Air Handling Units & Fan Coils

Cooling and heating units, manufactured in various sizes, for a wide variety of applications for indoor & outdoor installation. Easy access is provided to all internal components. Special outdoor conditions structure is optional.



Housing construction is made of high quality galvanized metal sheet. Internal components access is available from several directions for maximum service comfort.


Air handling units are insulated with 1” neoprene coated thermos-acoustic fiberglass insulation.

Water Coils

Constructed of seamless 3/8” copper pipe corrugated or louvered edge aluminum fins with galvanized steel frames. Tubes are mechanically expanded into die-formed fin collars, providing a uniform mechanical bond that insures maximum heat transfer efficiency. Left or right hand piping is optional. 

Air Handling Unit Fans

Furnished with double-inlet, forward-curved blades, constructed of galvanized steel. Fan motors are direct driven and most units are Light Air Handling Units driven with 5 speed stages fan, which enable complete suitability for the required pressure. Furthermore, an option to adjust the motor to the customer needs is available. Motors life span is more than 40,000 working hours.


  • Washable high quality Poli-flo filters or aluminum filters – 1/2” thick
  • All filters produced under the highest fire hazard international standards
  • Pressure drops using standard filters are 0.06 In.w.g for a clean filter and 0.2 In.w.g for a working filter each unit is factory-run and pre-tested

Optional Features

  • 5/8” corrugated edge water coil
  • Water coils up to 8 rows deep
  • Double skin construction
  • Super quiet operation
  • Copper fin coils, coil coating (Thermo-guard, Energy-guard, Blygold, Epoxy or anti-bacterial coating, hydrophobic or hydrophilic coatings) and marine aluminum fins
  • Electrical heater
  • Heating elements installed with 2 protective thermostats) pressure-stat flow switch), and a contact board
  • Set of connections (“Figure”), including cutoff ball valves, and control valves (on/off or proportional)

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  • EW SQ series
  • EW series
  • FC series
  • EW FA series

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