Split Direct Expansion Units

EO-G - Split Direct Expansion Units

Cooling and heating units, manufactured in various sizes, for a wide variety of applications for indoor & outdoor installation. Easy access is provided to all internal components.

Manufacturing special outdoor conditions structure is optional.



EO Models use high quality scroll and rotary compressors featuring:

  • High C.O.P
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Complete motor protection
  • Internal and external vibration absorbers


Housing construction is made of high quality galvanized metal sheet. Most evaporator units have bottom access doors for more efficient service. Insulation Evaporator units are covered with 1" neoprene coated thermos- acoustic fiberglass insulation.

Condenser & Evaporator Coils

Constructed of seamless 7mm and 3/8" corrugated edge aluminum fins for the evaporator and 7mm rifled and louvered pattern for the condenser in galvanized steel frames. Tubes are mechanically expended into die-formed fin collars, providing a uniform mechanical bond that assures maximum heat transfer efficiency. Optional left or right piping.

Evaporator Fans

Furnished with double-inlet, forward-curved blades, constructed of galvanized steel. Fan motors in most units are direct driven with 5 velocity stages, which enable complete suitability for the required pressure. Furthermore, an option to adjust the motor to the customer needs is available. Motors life span is more than 40,000 hours.

Condenser Fans

Aerofoil profile blades high efficiency low noise direct driven axial fan, statically and dynamically balanced. Electronic Controller

  • Step capacity control, cooling & heating- up to 8 steps
  • Condenser fans control
  • Condensing temperature control
  • Automatic defrosting 4-way reversing valve in heat pump mode
  • Phase control relay - optional
  • Remote display

Safety Control

  • High Pressure pressurestat (C class)
  • Low Pressure pressurestat (C class)
  • Overload protection (compressors & fans)
  • Contactor for fire hazard (alarm system) - optional

Refrigerant System

  • High quality, carefully selected components ensure reliable and efficient system operation
  • Capillary tube for low capacity units
  • Expansion valve, sight glass, filter-dryer & suction accumulator for high capacity units


  • Washable high quality Poli-flo filters – 1/2" thick
  • All filters produced under the highest fire hazard international standards each unit is factory-run and pre-tested Optional Features
  • Evaporator coil 6 rows deep (or other)
  • Double skin construction
  • Super quiet operation
  • Cooling-only mode
  • Copper-fin coils, coil coating (Blygold, Thermo-guard, Energy-guard,

Features by Class

Class A

  • Heat pump.
  • Controller including electronic thermostat with delay for compressor.
  • Condenser's motor velocity switching for head pressure limit.
  • All electric motors are protected by thermal overload.
  • All condensers' steel parts are galvanized and coated with baked epoxy painting for double corrosion protection.
  • Evaporators' structures are built with dismantled walls, service panels on both sides and bottom access in most units.
  • Thermo-acoustic fiberglass isolation 1" thick for evaporators.
  • Statically and dynamically balanced centrifugal blowers.
  • Overload protection for triple phased units.
  • Sealed and waterproof outdoor electrical system.

Class B

  • Bi-directional expansion valve instead of capillary tube.
  • Liquid separator.
  • Sight glass.
  • Low pressure protection.
  • High pressure protection.
  • Filter dryer.

Class C

  • Cooling only refrigerant system with optional heating elements.
  • Expansion valve.
  • Sight glass.
  • Low pressure protection.
  • High pressure protection.
  • Filter dryer.
  • Hot gas bypass.

Fresh Air units

While standard units are designed to achieve comfort conditions, Fresh Air units are designed to handle of 100% fresh air for filtering, cooling, heating, and sometimes also moisture controlling is required. The Features which distinguish this application usage are the parameters leading the planning and design, which are air flow and supplied temperature (and sometimes moisture), hence the system's capacity. Usually, the outlet temperature is not a precise value, but a range of temperatures. The inlet air temperature and moisture which enter the evaporator coil are in a wide range of values, and obliged a flexible system with a wide operation range. Therefore, it is advisable for the system to consist of several stages of cooling and heating.

There are 2 common sorts of Fresh Air units:

1. EO-G Fresh Air High units, which goal is to infiltrate fresh air at "comfort" temperatures. Thus, achieving several air exchanges, or as a compensation for air exhaust from kitchens, lavatories etc. The air supply may be channeled directly into the air conditioned area and may be connected to the returned air systems of the air conditioning units in the facility. In this sort of units the air flow capacity ratio is similar to standard air conditioning units. Never the less there is a need for a designated unit due to special operation conditions, protective devices, regulation and special controllers. It is recommended to place the temperature sensor in fresh air, and use set a control system calibrated to (about) 4oC difference between stages.

2. EO-G Fresh Air Low units achieve full air conditioning by maximum fresh air, for example in laboratories, which require massive ventilation. In these units the air is not supplied in comfort temperatures, but requires cold air outlet for cooling and hot air outlet for heating. A ratio of 200 CFM/TR is common in these units. The temperature sensor will be placed in the air conditioned area to achieve the desired conditions. Filtering – Occasionally, in Fresh Air units, several stages of filtering are required, and possibly a scent neutralization depending to the environment conditions and the customer's needs. Thus, choosing the suitable blower in accordance with the total pressure drop. Heating – Due to the special matching of evaporator coils, these units are capable of operation in heat pump mode only at narrow range of outdoor conditions. Therefore, if heating is required, it will be based on heating elements operated gradually, binary or continuously.

Low Temperature units

EO-G Low Temperature are special units which were adapted to operate in very low returned air temperatures, ranging 14oC - 20oC. Common uses are garbage disposal rooms, wineries, cool storage Such units will almost always be used for cooling only. Adjustment is needed for 4-seasoned cooling operation. Units will be designed with enlarged evaporators and stronger compressors which operate in low evaporation temperature. Systems will include expansion valves, protective pressurestats, freezing prevention and high pressure control.

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